What I learned about this article is that the reason they adjust white balance is to get the colors in the image accurate. You need to get the colors rights because sometimes the images can come out orange, blue, yellow, etc. The images can have different temperature to them. I also learned fluorescent lighting can add bluish cast to the photos. I learned different cameras have their different ways of adjusting white balance. Some cameras allow for manual white balance adjustments also. This tells your camera what white looks like so it has something as a reference.


  • AUTO, this makes the best guess shot by shot basis.
  • Tungsten, this is symbolized with a little bulb and its for shooting indoors.
  • Fluorescent, this compensates for the cool light and will warm up your shots.
  • Daylight/Sunny, most cameras dont have this setting it sets as fairly normal white settings
  • Cloudy, this setting warms things up a touch more than daylight
  • Flash, the flash of the camera can be a cool light so flash mode warms up your shots a touch.
  • Shade, the light in shade is cooler bluer than shooting in direct sunlight, warms things up a little.

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