Camera Modes

Automatic mode-Automatic mode sets everything up for you, your shutter speed, ISO, aperture etc.

Portrait Mode-Portrait mode automatically sets you a large aperture for a shallow depth of field.

Macro Mode-Marco mode lets you take a picture from up close without going out of focus.

Landscape Mode-Landscape mode automatically sets you a small aperture for a large depth of field.

Sports mode-Sports mode lets you take a picture of moving objects in time for it to not be blurry.

Night Mode-Night mode lets you shoot in dark places and lets you capture the details in the background, but it also uses flash to capture the objects in the foreground.

Movie Mode-Movie mode lets you capture moving images.

Aperture Priority Mode-Aperture priority mode lets you choose your aperture but your camera chooses everything else for you to get a well balanced exposure.

Shutter Priority Mode-Shutter priority mode is similar to Aperture priority mode but you choose the shutter speed instead and your camera chooses everything else.

Program Mode-Program mode is similar to full auto mode but you have a bit more control over it.

Fully Manual Mode-Fully manual mode gives you control over everything.

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