Depth of Field

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Mostly when a photographer talks about depth of field of an image is they’re referring to how much of the picture they choose to have in focus. By focusing how much depth of field to have in your image you will have the viewer’s attention in a place. Depth of field is controlled by changing the aperture setting on your camera. The first rule in depth of field is the larger the aperture, the shallower you depth of field will be. There are times when you’ll want to ensure a deep depth of field.

When to use a wide or narrow aperture is first as wide apertures let in more light than narrow ones. A portrait photographer would typically use a wide aperture of f/1.8 so that all the focus can be placed on their subject at the expense of details in the background. You might want to use a wider aperture when you want to isolate specific subjects from their background

dimensions: 5184x 3456 Shot 1/1000 sec f/5.655mm Is0:800


dimensions: 5184x 3456 Shot 1/1000 sec f/5.655mm Is0:800


this picture has good depth of field, I would say aperture is f/8 shutter speed is 1/500

this picture has shallow depth of field, i think the aperture is f/2.8, i think the shutter speed is 1/500


What I learned about this article is that the reason they adjust white balance is to get the colors in the image accurate. You need to get the colors rights because sometimes the images can come out orange, blue, yellow, etc. The images can have different temperature to them. I also learned fluorescent lighting can add bluish cast to the photos. I learned different cameras have their different ways of adjusting white balance. Some cameras allow for manual white balance adjustments also. This tells your camera what white looks like so it has something as a reference.


  • AUTO, this makes the best guess shot by shot basis.
  • Tungsten, this is symbolized with a little bulb and its for shooting indoors.
  • Fluorescent, this compensates for the cool light and will warm up your shots.
  • Daylight/Sunny, most cameras dont have this setting it sets as fairly normal white settings
  • Cloudy, this setting warms things up a touch more than daylight
  • Flash, the flash of the camera can be a cool light so flash mode warms up your shots a touch.
  • Shade, the light in shade is cooler bluer than shooting in direct sunlight, warms things up a little.

Portrait Photography Tips

10 tips

  • always practice
  • don’t be scared to work with natural light
  • shoot during golden hour
  • outside portraits are better when sun is shining from the side
  • use reflector for outside portraits
  • always check view finder before shooting
  • have patience
  • wait for proper light and proper time
  • have nice backgrounds
  • avoid strong direct light

On Location Portraits With Natural Light

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200


exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

exposure f/250 sec f/4.0 iso 3200

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Framing A Subject

I used center mode because I was more focused in the center of the picture. I think my pictures do have strong composition they both have something that stands out that will catch peoples attention. I believe I edited them good they both got frames around them. What I would’ve done differently is maybe just less objects so there is only one thing focused  on. I dont think mine is the best but its not the worst so there’s a 50/50 chance.



       This is an all about me collage. Its a little of everything about what I like and what describes me. I am a confident Mexican girl. Confidence is one of my biggest things I make sure I have reason is because I would be so insecure I then realized I shouldn’t, that I should love myself and not anyone or anything make me feel otherwise. I have a really big loving family. I have my parents 3 brothers and 1 sister so 5 including me in total. I also have my uncles, my aunts, my cousins and it goes on. My favorite is that we have family gatherings every weekend!

           I have a lot of plans after high school and in life. One four sure is having my own business. I would like to have my own makeup academy I like being involve the beauty industry. I would also like to  own many cars one is a Camaro its one of my dream cars. Traveling is also one of the things I would want to do later on in life. I have a lot of places in mind one of them is Greece. I love seeing pictures of Greece I think its a very beautiful place it would be nice  getting know how other places are. Especially trying out the food.

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